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858.277.0047 LIGHTING FOR AN EVENING OR INDOOR EVENT IS A MUST AND MAKES THE MOST DRAMATIC CHANGE TO ALL DÉCOR ELEMENTS Lighting costs vary depending on the market, length of event, travel distance, venue, types of lighting fixtures, Seasonal, planning, theme and many venues charge for power usage. Many variables go into determining the  exact pricing for an event


Up lighting is a must for evening or indoor events. It turns even the most creative décor into spectacular, amazing works of art. From highlighting specific décor elements to wall washes, strategic up lighting will enhance any event


Patterns projected on walls, ceilings, floors, dance floors and stages to create depth, contrast and interest. Patterns can be matched to your events design choices to provide a fully immersing look and feel to the room tying in all the design elements together.


Very narrow beams of light focused on specific elements in the room highlighting them. Centerpieces, the cake table, place cards, guest book area, sweet heart tables, bar areas can all benefit from this type of lighting. This type of lighting is key to create a high end, elegant, high contrast look. The extra light at each of the tables allows the overall ambient light in the room to be lowered allowing us to create the perfect ambiance.

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Battery powered light discs that can be placed underneath items like centerpieces, buffet displays, photos. They project from underneath and can be set to any color. Centerpiece lighting is a great way to highlight centerpieces on your table and add warmth and color into the room above and beyond traditional candles.They help your flowers shine and your guests see the decor elements at each of their tables. Works really well in conjunction with candle lighting.


The Blisslight creates 1000′s of pinpoints of light that look like stars that slowly move towards and away from each other creating a slow moving starfield effect. This light has a very large coverage area of over 50ft x 50ft making it a great value in terms of overall coverage. Behind the stars the light produces a blue/purple “nebula/cloud” effect that slowly moves creating a captivating 3-D effect making the ceiling feel taller. It’s a great light to use throughout the evening to dance under the stars or to create a fairy tale wedding effect. The Blisslight is excellent to use with low ceilings. The optics create a large coverage area without having the light to be far way from the surface light is projecting on.